Full Customer participation is the key for a perfect new product

vlcsnap-00003-cutMetalprint is Your best partner to assist in forging design, machined forging design applications on new customer projects.

Let us support your engineering team. We guarantee insightful design assistance with prototyping that leads to cuts effective component production.

Metalprint employs the most advanced CAD/CAM systems coupled with state of the art, in house, tooling. We produce all tooling internally guaranteening superior quality and short lead times.

Metalprint knows the outcome of the sampling process before producing the dies or striking a part by using the CAE/FEM system.

The CAE/FEM system simulates the forging process thus evaluating the actual process without producing a component.

We can evaluate die design, understand production parameters and explore possible problems in metal flow before producing actual tooling with this system.

A great time saver when first production run parts are critically needed.